The Evolution Of Desktop Computer Is A Blessing For The Humanity

5 A desktop computer is a computer for the personal use of the person. Unlike the laptops and mobile computer the desktop computer is one which is placed in one location and has separate keyboard and screen placed on the top of the table. Earlier computer were flat and lie on the surface and on the other hand there are the modern computers having the towers [...]

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The Dell XCD35 was launched in India about a year ago and is a phone that has brought about a lot of missed feelings ranging from its affordability, its usability as well as [...]

Computer accessories

When it comes to talk about the modern world, it is right to say, nobody can miss computer in his home or business place. Due to advancement in technology, we all depend on [...]

Blackberry: A lifestyle

The requirement of the age of today is to basically be connected with your work and professional life at all times. This is because the world has become so fast paced that you [...]


The Apple Iphone 4S is a phone whose design is very similar to the iphone 4. This handset was launched in June 2012 though most people were expecting the launch of the iphone [...]