Trading apps: best ones, general features, advantages

App to do online trading is many, and it’s hard to be able to find the ideal solution without wasting time with complicated applications. So let’s make it clear by going to see the best trader applications to download and test directly with your strategies.

General Features of App for Traders

If you have a current account at one of the major banks and you know how to move smoothly into financial transactions, you will probably already know that there are many applications dedicated to those who want to operate in online trading made available by your reference bank.

Each institution has tried to develop an app to make operations in the international markets easier and more intuitive.

Specifically, every online trading app provides a range of operations on the major financial markets. You’ll also be able to track your real-time investments, and make investments from anywhere!

For example, Bloomberg’s app allows access to the latest market news, expert analysis, and IPO news (a lot has been said about the Snapchat IPO, and the Pirelli IPO is also being talked about). You can also monitor your investment portfolio.

App to do trading

Among the most popular trading apps for Windows Phone, Android and iOS we have IG Trading, City-Index, which allows you to access your account virtually anywhere, and Fineco, a powerful financial tool.

Other apps known and appreciated are those of Plus500, one of the best investment brokers, and eToro.

Among the news apps, we also find that of the CNBC and, depending on the country of origin, that of the most famous French online newspapers, Spanish, Italian, etc. Most apps allow you to trade on forex, commodities (gold, oil), shares (Google, Facebook, Pirelli shares, Peugeot) and equity indices (Nasdaq or NYSE).

One thing that these apps do not allow to do is instead to invest just as you do an IPO. This event, like the Pirelli IPO we will see in a few days, is reserved for “professional” shareholders, those who have direct access to the world’s stock exchanges (that of Milan in the case of Pirelli). In this regard, we suggest keeping the Pirelli shares quoted, considering that Pirelli Reportedly Racing to Milan’s IPO valued at almost $ 11 billion and that Pirelli’s IPO could be the largest in EMEA this year.

Advantages of online trading apps

What are the benefits of trading with an app? Why Investing Using Your Phone? Each app allows you to:

  • Have a demo account, or a real trading account;
  • Invest online quickly and precisely;
  • Analyze real-time, intraday and historical charts, both currencies, stocks and indexes;
  • Access information;
  • Access to stock quotes;
  • Access and analyze market rates;
  • The ability to access, enter, edit and revoke orders;
  • Enter orders with limit or conditioned price (stop loss and trailing);
  • Sell in the open;
  • Make purchases with margin.