The Apple Iphone 4S is a phone whose design is very similar to the iphone 4. This handset was launched in June 2012 though most people were expecting the launch of the iphone 5. As with all high expectations, the release did not augur well with the users as they expected the previously announced iphone 5. One of the complaints was that the phone did not have 4G capabilities as was much anticipated. In essence, the iphone 4S brought in several improvements to an already good device. These improvements included a much improved camera, a dual core processor with more speed, a 64GB version of the iphone 4, and a personal assistant cum gofer. This changes saw Sprint join the Apple family.  The phone boasts all the benefits of the iOS 5 along with its faster processor. Another changes that makes this handset differ from the iphone 4 is the dual band aerial design. While the right side of the handset has not buttons, it is this side that contains the micro SD card slot. This slot pops out to allow access and can be opened using the built-in gizmo or a pin. The base region of iphone1 has dual speakers. These dual speakers offer very good sound also houses the apple connector. The left side houses the volume buttons as well as the camera cover up key.


The iphone 4S has inherited features from all preceding models such as the  weather and stock apps, the voice memos, calendar, Google maps, and many more.

1-      The ipod player has changed in that it now splits your video and music libraries into two icons. Another standout feature is the iphone voice assistant called Siri. This is not here to completely replace the current voice control feature but rather add more functionalities.

2-      Siri, will answer your requests for information as well as follow commands.Siri uses your location as well as Google search to get you information therefore one needs a wifi connection or a cellular connection. Siri, currently supports English, German and French. We believe other languages will be inputted in due course.

3-      The processor on this handset is 1GHz Apple 5. When it comes to the display, it has a 3.5 inch screen which is 640×960 in size.

4-      It ahs a memory of 512MB and an internal memory ranging from 16GB to 64GB depending on your preference.

5-      Unfortunately, this handset does not come with any external storage.

6-      The handset has a VGA front camera and a 8 mega pixels rear camera. In terms of wireless connectivity, one can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0.

7-      The talk time is 8 hours which is an improvement from previous models and the stand-by time is 8.3 days, also another great improvement.

8-      Dimensions for this handset are 4.50×2.31×0.37.  It weighs 4.9g.  In terms of entertainment, one has the choice of MP3, AAC, HE-AAC, AAC-LC.

9-      You can access i-tunes through your handset and the loud speakers are to die for. Other featurs are the apple iTunes store.