The Evolution Of Desktop Computer Is A Blessing For The Humanity

5A desktop computer is a computer for the personal use of the person. Unlike the laptops and mobile computer the desktop computer is one which is placed in one location and has separate keyboard and screen placed on the top of the table. Earlier computer were flat and lie on the surface and on the other hand there are the modern computers having the towers standing on the table or surface. Even the modern computers have separate keyboards and screens.

Before the invention and use of microprocessors the computer was fairly small in size and lie flat on the table top and hence were called the desktop. With the invention of microprocessors the dynamics of the computer changed and hence tower was placed under the desktop rather than placing them above the desk. The first IBM personal computer was small enough and was horizontal and hence occupied less space. By this we can say in technical ways desktop and tower case computer both are different. The difference lies in how these both could be placed on the desk. The desktop as the name implies is placed above the desk horizontally whereas the tower cases stand vertically under the desk. Individuals select the computers whether flat or tower case on the basis of space they have. Varying styles of both computers allows the individual to select them keeping in view the space they have in their homes.

There are many stories regarding the evolution of the computers. Earlier computers were those which occupy the space of the whole room and hence were very large in size. These computers were then only with the large companies since these were very expensive. As the technology advances the computers also decreased in size and were equal to the size of one or two refrigerators. It was the HP series of desktop that was launched in 1970’s and is said to be the first programmable computer that could entirely fit on the desk. The first large computers were marketed in 1960’s but these did not have keyboards for giving text inputs. The smaller version of the computers came into the market when HP launched its series having the read only memory and a small display. These computers were received well by the users and its popularity among the individuals grew as more and more people purchased it for the personal use.

With the advancement of the technology the use of computer is everywhere. The computer is in a calculator, computer in machines used by the textile industry and many other manufacturing companies. The use of computer has eased the life of the individual in many ways. You can access the thousands of articles, stories and a specific review through your desktop computer.  There a renews regarding the new desktop computer that they will be smaller than the existing computers. Though these are not portable from one place to another but these are important in places where large data has to be stored such as in offices and stores where we go for purchasing. The info is easily available with the use of computers. Hence desktop computer has proven to be a blessing by easing our lives in numerous ways.